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Serving the entire school, the Media Center is open to students before and after school as well as during their lunch period. Students are welcome to come in and study, check out books, and use the computers. The Media Center is open from 7:00 to 3:15 Monday - Thursday and 7:00 to 3:00 on Fridays.


Policies and Procedures

BYOD - Students will be allowed to use their own device and access the Wifi in the Media Center as long as they do not disturb those around them. Headphones must be used when listening to music.  

School Supplies - The Media Center sells school supplies to students.  Poster printing and laminating is also available to students at a cost.

Printing and Copies - Printing is $.10 per page.  Students must pay for their printing before it is released to the printer.  Students may use the copier for $.10 per page.

Book Checkout - Most books are checked out for a 2 week period.  If books are returned late, the fine is $.10 per school day.  We will renew books up to two times.  Lost books and other materials must be paid for.  Notices for fines and overdue books are sent out throughout the school year.  

E-books and Audio books - Northside students have access to e-books and audio books which can be checked on your own device.  Simply go to and search for Northside High School.  Enter your student ID (lunch number) to access our catalog and check out books.  Sora also has an app that can be downloaded to easily read or listen to books on your own device.    

Parent Permission Forms - Some of the Young Adult books in our collection have content which may contain offensive language and/or sensitive subject matter.  In order to checkout these books, students must turn in a Parental Permission form one time and then they will be able to check out any book in the Media Center.  The form is also good for their entire high school career.  The permission form can be found under Forms

Computers - In order to use a computer in the Media Center, a student must first come to the checkout desk and check out a plastic cup that corresponds to the number on the computer.  When finished with the computer, the cup should be returned to the basket on the checkout desk. 

Card Catalog - The card catalog (Safari) is online.  There are QR codes located throughout the Media Center for students to access on their own device.  Safari can also be accessed on any computer in the school. 

Online Resources - There are a variety of Online Resources available to students for research.  The password for Galileo and other databases are available in the Media Center.  We would loved to assist students in using these resources on our computers on or on their own device.