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Construction FAQ
Posted On:
Friday, July 28, 2017

I am excited to share with you that Northside High School will benefit from the current E-SPLOST that was approved by Houston County voters.  Our school will receive a new multi-purpose building. The construction requires changes for the safety of our students and anyone else who is on our campus.  We need your help this year as the work is underway, especially with the delivery and pick up of students to school.  Your patience and assistance would be greatly appreciated!   Some questions and answers are provided below.


Northside High School Construction FAQ, 2017-2018

Q. Where does a student report for early dismissal or late check-in?

A. For early dismissals or late check-ins, students report to the main office at Northside. Due to construction, the Tabor office will not be used for checking students in and out.


Q. Where may I pick up and drop off my student if they are a car rider?

A. There are three car rider pick-up and drop-off locations:

1)    In front of the main Northside entrance.

2)    In the parking lot off of Northside Drive beside the math building.

3)    In the Northside gym parking lot.


Q. Has the bus ramp been moved?

A. Yes, the bus ramp has been moved toward the Tabor building because of the construction.  Busses will enter from American Blvd. to drop off and pick up students in front of the Ray Horne Theatre.


Q. What about bike riders?

A.  A bike rack has been placed beside the main Northside building facing Northside Drive. 


Helpful Hints

·       There is no covered walkway between Tabor and Northside. If your student has classes in both buildings, please encourage him or her to keep a raincoat or umbrella in their locker in case of rain.

·       During this school year, the only public entrance into the theatre is on the Tabor side of the building.

·       For events in the Ray Horne Theatre, parking will be on either side of the campus but….. 

·       If parked on the Northside side of campus for an after school event at Tabor or the Theatre, please use the sidewalk on Green Street to bypass the construction zone. 


Your patience throughout this construction is greatly appreciated. There will be sacrifices that we will all have to make this year, and I thank you for in advance for your support and positive attitude.  It will be well worth the inconvenience when our building is completed! 


Please check our website for any updates or new information.  Don’t hesitate to call the main office if you have any questions or concerns.

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