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Finding Scholarships Video: Tips - May need to log in to student's Office 365 account to view.


ZipHearing Hearing Health Awareness Scholarshop - deadline November 1, 2018


Mercer Engineering Scholarship Challenge - deadline November 1, 2018


Schoolhouse Connection Youth Scholarship - deadline November 9, 2018


Georgia State University Presidential Scholarship - deadline November 15, 2018


FVSU Warner Robins Area Alumni Scholarship - deadline March 31, 2019


Army ROTC Scholarships


Scholarship Search


Scholarship Guidance- Many scholarships listed


Middle GA Stem Alliance


College Covered/Assist website


Crazy, Kookie and Weird Scholarships


Student Scholarships - list of scholarships


Georgia Drivers Education Grant Scholarship 


Community Foundation of Central Ga - 27 Scholarships listed

Information about the HOPE scholarship, HOPE grant, and other Georgia scholarship opportunities.

Free scholarship website with massive amounts of information.






LendEDU was started to help students, parents and graduates find the best ways to pay for college.
We have created a completely FREE course for incoming and current college students to learn about financial aid, scholarships, and student loans.

The course contains 4 main sections with 22 short lectures and should not take any longer than about an hour and a half to complete. In addition, many of the lectures have videos embedded to help provide more information to students.

We think this course would be very beneficial in helping your students gain a general understanding of their different options when paying for college. We created this because we have found that many students simply do not have this basic understanding and often make financial mistakes because of it.

It can be found at: 

Additional LendEDU scholarship information can be found at: